“This is not really a place.  Perhaps an idea nourished by a place.”


What is Crow’s Outpost? 

It’s the name of my home “on the edge of Edgeville”, it’s the name of a poem, it was very nearly the name of my first collection of poetry; that is before one morning’s dawn when it struck me that my favorite word, limitlessness would be the title.  And now it’s my website.

Initially this website will be to provide people an insight into my first collection of poetry, a place where I will announce readings and other related events, a way of getting in contact with me  and the ability to order a copy if they’d like.  My prime directives for this website are that it be beautiful, easy to navigate, interesting and informative.  Feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

In keeping with my passion that many poems are meant to be heard rather than read, soon I will have downloadable audio files available for some of the poems within the printed pages of Limitlessness.

In the not too distant future I also plan to post essays or dare I say the four letter “b” word… blog!

Eventually I will also launch a photo gallery featuring another of my creative passions, photography with framed, fine art prints available for purchase.  Beyond that?  The possibilities are limitless!